Large Namaste Monk Statue
Large Namaste Monk Statue

Large Namaste Monk Statue


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This serene Monk is peacefully meditating and is the image of reverence.  He is a wonderful reminder for us to see the sacredness in all things.  


The Anjali Mudra is performed by the pressing of the palms of the hands together in a gesture of reverence or Pranam, in it's most common form, the hands are held at the heart chakra. Anjali is a sanskrit word for offering. This is a gesture which expresses humility.


Namaste is the Hindu greeting used in yoga practice.  Namaste literally means " I bow to you" or the spirit in me honors the spirit in you.

Namaste Monk Statue measures 7" H x  5" W.  Wood grain color with orange robe.



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